4 Common Types of Math Problems on Your College Placement Test

Why is Passing Your College Placement Test Important?

College placement tests are unique college exams needed for scholars for placement to different courses. It is different from the ACT, and SATs most college students are used to. In most cases, the math problems you will run into during the test are same with ones faced in your high school exams.

The tested areas usually start from standard addition and minus questions to quadratic and arithmetic equations. The primary intent of college placement tests is to test your suitability for a preferred course in college.

Furthermore, the tests cover all concepts learned after graduating from high school. You can assume the placement test as an auditioning for college admission. Scoring highly on the tests does not affect your chances of gaining admission into the institution. It is more of a determinant of which math level placement for the students in the college. You should approach the test with a lot of practice and prowess. 

Commonly Tested Math Problem Areas

A common theme usually runs round the math placement test. It is, therefore, easy to determine which areas are bound to come on the placement test. Here is a roundup of commonly tested math problems:

  1. General

The placement test is usually a product of the college. A common trend currently used in most learning institutions is the Accuplacer. It refers to a computer program that used the admission board in different education sectors. It uses other criteria of grading scores as compared to ones of SAT or CAT exams. The program uses a specific placement option to determine the placing of students and the respective math courses. It is recommended that students reach out to the college to find out the details about the topic.

  1. Arithmetic

It is the most commonly tested problem area in math. It features in the first two sections of the paper. The same questions featured during your high school end exams are more likely to appear here. It also includes solving percent problems, locating decimals, and estimating values. The third section of the paper involves solving problems on different topic areas within the context of arithmetic’s.

  1. Elementary Algebra

It appears on the second part of the test that tests your grasp of elementary algebra. You will have to solve problems related to:

  • Absolute figures
  • Rational numbers
  • Positive rational routes
  • Monomials
  • Polynomials

Several problems emanating from this section usually are computer-based. Therefore, it comes as multiple choice questions for the student. It can add up to a total of up to 12 questions depending on the test.

  1. Advanced Algebra

It involves the evaluation of the test by applying six major study areas. The first bit includes algebraic expressions with rational algebraic expressions, expansion of polynomials, and factoring polynomials. It also includes other common algebraic topics ranging from:

  1. Algebraic functions
  2. Polynomial
  3. Logarithmic
  4. Exponentials

What to Consider

Depending on how you score on the placement test, it determines whether you need to take preparatory college courses. The scores for the placement tests usually have a validity of up to three years. There is a variance between the math problems in exams and those that appear in placement tests.

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