3 Life-Saving Last Minute Rush Tips for Acing Your Math Test

Why Preparation is Key for Math

Unlike other subjects that depend on your memory retention in class, math needs more than that. It all boils down to how best you have prepared. Most students fail to prepare before a test and end up getting low grades. It is not that you are not smart; it is because you did not put in practice.

Math is all about practice. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to handles various dubious math problems. Some topics that need complete practice include:

  • Algebra
  • Logic
  • Number theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Geometry and topology

Does Last Minute Rushes Help? 

Some people might disagree with the idea of last minutes coming in handy. However, the efficacy of the last minutes depends on the student. If you are well prepared with all class notes and assignments, you will go with the exam. However, if you lack some class notes or haven’t been practicing, last-minute rushes are meant for you.

It is not recommended to wait on the last minute rushes to start practicing. Last-minute rushes only increase the pressure and anxiety before sitting the exams. However, if it’s the closest thing to acing your math test, well and good. It would help if you had a strong foundation that goes a long way in showcasing your prowess in math. 

Tips to Practice Math on Last Minute

Before going through the list, it should be noted each tip works differently on each person. Some work well for fat learners while others suit the slow pace learners with the intent of grasping the concepts.


  1. Mnemonics

Before you get awry, take a minute and listen. Mnemonics might not be the strongest way to start the list, but it counts. Take, for example, you have ten minutes before your math exam, and a friend asks a question. The anxiety and panic make all the concepts in your head. All you are left with is a head full of questions. Having your formulas in mnemonics goes a long way in memory retention in the math exam.

  1. Crash Courses

It is a recommended option in case you lack the prerequisite knowledge ahead of the test. There is no need sitting for a test that you will surely fail an affect your grades. Before getting to this point, take some time to do a crash course. It will cost you some money, but it acts as the best examination simulators. You get the practice of answering math problems with the time constraints and the exam environment. 

  1. Flashcards

You probably the type to carry a pen to the exam hall. Before the paper, you engage in miscellaneous chats with friends. We cannot deny you the fun of shaking off exam jitters through cordial conversations. However, have you thought how much you are missing by not revising? We do not mean for you to carry your course books to the exam hall. That will make you the laughing stock of the college. We suggest creating short and concise flashcards for revising. Flashcards play an essential role in memorizing key concepts, formulas, and terms. 

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